Rheumatology 2016

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Submit your proposal for Rheumatology 2016

Help shape the UK’s definitive rheumatology event

BSR and BHPR are committed to ensuring those with an interest in rheumatology can access and contribute to the most up-to-date evidence base, to improve the knowledge and performance of all those working in the field of rheumatology through our annual meeting. Our aim is to ensure the content of the programme meets the needs of the multi-disciplinary team and as such we would welcome proposals on all aspects of rheumatology.

General information

How do I submit?
To begin a new session proposal, click the Create New Session button below the ‘Session Type’ you are proposing (Main Session OR Special Interest Group). 

Can I make amendments to my submission?
To modify an existing proposal, click on “+” under the Session Type, then click on your session title.

Can I start the submission and come back to it later?
Your work will not be saved unless all requested items on a page are completed. After all items are completed, click "save and continue." You may then go back any time before the deadline and edit your session as long as you have not "Finalised" your proposal."

How do I confirm the submission?
To submit a proposal, the "Finalise" step must be completed at the end of the submission form. If you wish to make further changes after this please contact BSR’s Events Team or call +44 (0)207 842 0900.

Call for proposals guidelines

Proposals must contain the following information:

1.       Session Type

Main session: Submission deadline has now passed, if you have already submitted, you can still make edits.


Special interest group: Select this session type only if you are an existing convener for a BSR/BHPR special interest group.
Submission deadline: 23.59 GMT, Friday 02 October 2015

2.       Type of format

E.g.   Lecture: 90 minute sessions, featuring a maximum of 3 speakers

         Interactive: 90 minute sessions emphasising interactivity (quiz, panel discussion, debate etc) or hands‐on skill training featuring          a maximum of 4 speakers

3.       Type of format

           Sessions should be interdisciplinary (where appropriate)

4.       Session details

  • Title and/or topic of the session
  • One aim of the overall session and three intended outcomes
  • Content outline/rough description of the overall session

5.       Presenter details

  • Name of convener and e‐mail address.
  • Name speaker(s): with titles of their presentations, affiliations and e‐mail addresses

Please note: Speakers should be from different institutions where possible.

Convener responsibilities

·         Conveners must provide complete and accurate contact details for each speaker and later confirm session details are all correct.

·         Conveners/chairs must be prepared to write a short summary of the session post conference that will be included in BSR’s                     summer report mailing – the post conference report.

·         For main sessions: Chairs will receive complimentary registration for the conference and speakers will receive two night’s          accommodation and economy travel as well as complimentary registration.

·         If a convener is not chairing or speaking, BSR/BHPR will not cover any of these expenses

·         For Special Interest Group sessions, the convener will be supplied with three voucher codes which will allow up to three          speakers complimentary registration for the day of their session.

The convener will be notified regarding acceptance or rejection approximately 4-6 weeks after the proposal deadline of 29 May 2015


BSR/BHPR reserve the right to: 
1) Accept all or part of any proposal
2) Copy, edit the title, purpose and objectives
3) Adjust the requested time to meet the needs of the program. 
4) Change suggested speakers and/or chairs

Submit your proposal for Rheumatology 2016