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Bronze Sponsors

 Abbott is a global leader in rapid diagnostic tests that deliver the right care, at the right time. Our comprehensive portfolio of   tests provide fast, reliable and actionable information that helps improve quality of care and enables better clinical and   economic health outcomes. For more information, visit www.alere.com.au




Australian Safety and Quality in Health Care Commission

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) is an Australian Government statutory authority, which is jointly funded by all Governments. The Commission's role is to lead and coordinate national improvements in the safety and quality of health care. The Commission works in partnership with patients, consumers, clinicians, managers, policy makers and healthcare organisations to achieve a sustainable, safe and high-quality health system. The Commission works across four priority areas:

  1. Patient safety
  2. Partnering with patients, consumers and communities
  3. Quality, cost and value
  4. Supporting health professionals to provide care that is informed, supported and organised to deliver safe and high-quality health care

Key functions of the Commission include developing national safety and quality standards, developing clinical care standards to improve the implementation of evidence-based health care, coordinating work in specific areas to improve outcomes for patients, and providing information, publications and resources about safety and quality.

The Commission was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health to establish the Antimicrobial Use and Resistance in Australia (AURA) Surveillance System as a national priority initiative to support the prevention and containment of antimicrobial resistance. The Commission developed AURA by partnering with a number of existing surveillance programs, including the Australian Group on Antimicrobial Resistance, the National Antimicrobial Prescribing Survey (NAPS) and the National Antimicrobial Utilisation Surveillance Program (NAUSP). The Commission also developed two new systems: Australian Passive AMR Surveillance (APAS) using the Queensland Health OrgTRx system and the National Alert System for Critical Antimicrobial Resistances (CARAlert). The states and territories are now also funding the AURA Surveillance System.



BD is a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics, and delivery of care. In diagnostics, BD supplies instrumentation and consumables for Microbiology, Molecular and Cytology testing, and is a leading provider of products for the safe collection and transport of diagnostic specimens. Major BD Diagnostics brands include BD KiestraTM, BD BACTECTM, BD BACTEC MGITTM, BD PhoenixTM, BD ViperTM, BD MAXTM, BD SurePathTM, and BD Vacutainer®. By working in close collaboration with customers, BD can help enhance outcomes, lower costs, increase efficiencies, improve safety and expand access to health care. In 2017, BD welcomed C.R. Bard and its products into the BD family. For more information on BD, please visit http://bd.com


As a world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics, bioMérieux continues its commitment to improving healthcare worldwide through a complete range of in-vitro diagnostic solutions for managing Infectious and Cardiovascular diseases. Biofire has strengthened our leadership position in moelcular diagnostics and syndromic testing and we continue to innovate and design the diagnostics of the future, whilst improving laboratory efficiency and turnaround time for the benefit of the patient. Our partnership with COPAN and the distribution of the WASP and WASPLab enhances this commitment further. 

The Mérieux family's commitment to serving human and animal health worldwide has always been handled within the single concept of "One Health". In the field of antimicrobial resistance, such a holistic approach is especially important, and bioMérieux's product and service offer includes the characterisation of microbial flora, detection of specific pathogens, antibiotic resistance profiling, as well as analysis of food, drug, water, and air samples in the clinical, veterinary and food sectors. bioMérieux is also a long-standing international advocate for awareness-raising activities related to antibiotic resistance. It has produced a wide array of educational materials, increased its sponsorship for scientific studies and organisations, and continues to communicate actively about the global antibiotic resistance threat.


We are an innovative medical technology company primarily focused on improving women’s health and wellbeing through early detection and treatment. Our purpose is to enable healthier lives everywhere, every day.Our game-changing diagnostic, detection, surgical and medical aesthetic products are designed to diagnose and treat patients earlier and more effectively.

As global champions of women’s health, we bring The Science of Sure® to life by helping healthcare professionals minimise doubt and maximise the confidence in their decisions and diagnoses








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